Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Upward & Outward Trajectory of Tulips

Do y'all like the blog header?  That's a photo I took myself, at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in Skagit, WA.  The hubby and I visited there this past summer with the in-laws, and it was incredible!  There are literally acres upon acres of tulips growing in tidy little rows.  It reminded me of living in Ohio farm country, where you can look out over flat fields of growing corn.  But these tulips were a bit more flashy and cuter than corn!

There were also displays of tulips planted in flower beds around trees, and that's where the picture was taken.  There are so many colors crammed into such a small area!

It reminds me that we as humans created by God and for God, that we each bring our own distinct "color" to the world, in our own planting, in our own vibrant hue.  It doesn't matter that someone next to us might have a bit taller stem, or more perfectly formed petals.  If we weren't standing there in that exact plot of ground, there would be a big open hole that would disrupt the overall look and beauty of the flower bed.  We are uniquely the Lord's creations, beloved by Him, created by Him to stand tall, shine our light into the world, and reach toward the Son.