Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The View From My Front Door

This gorgeous sunset greeted my eyes a couple of nights ago, here in Seattle.  It seems this oppressive heat surge has brought one good thing along with it:  beautiful, other-worldly sunsets every evening!  This magnificent view was just outside our front door, radiant above a long line of stately evergreens.  I could get used to this sight every night!  And if I have to deal with a bit of heat to get it, well then I guess I can manage!  Although, even though our "heat wave" is certainly a heat wave here in Seattle, it's not nearly as hot as the temperatures the Midwest has been getting lately.  Yikes! 

The Lord God is so magnificent, so majestic, and so perfect, and He uses His paintbrush to spatter the evening sky with color.  And not just ANY dull, old color, but hot pinks and purples, which are a couple of my favorites!  God is so good! 

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