Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Unexpected Relief

The news of my husband getting laid off hit us hard, but not as hard as it could have. He got a few weeks of severance pay, so at least we have that. And he put his car up for sale on Craigslist, and we've already had 1 person come to check it out. Hopefully we can sell it very soon for a little extra money. Iit is such a blessing that Eric is getting a few weeks of severance pay. So for the time being, we are okay. I wish I could say we were "flourishing" or "comfortable," but no such luck. But for now, we are okay, and I supposed that's all that really matters.

For all the panic and financial problems this has caused us, we both have actually felt a little bit of relief. Relief that it is time to move on to something new and hopefully something better. We've been desperately trying to get out to Seattle, so it is somewhat of a relief that whatever happens, it has to happen soon for us, and hopefully that means positive changes are about to happen. We are excited and anxious to see what God brings our way; and relieved to be finished with one aspect of our lives and moving on to another. We are wary of the future and sometimes we have our moments of panic, but we are excited about which path will stretch out before us, beckoning to us to follow. We are kinda at a low point right now, so the only way to go is up!
And that, my friends, is a great relief.

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  1. That's a great outlook to have on the situation. Good luck!