Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On

"Keep Calm & Carry On"
I've seen this humorous saying on everything from tee shirts, to mugs, to stationary. It's funny; but it's also true. I've been applying it to real-life situations!
After my last 2 posts, you might be thinking that I am habitually stressed or always worried about money or survival.
I'm not. God has always provided for us, and tell Him everything we need, and He has never let us down.
Don't get me wrong: there are times when we lose it and freak out about our financial situation, or we go to bed wondering where the money is going to come from to pay bills. But, in general, we apply this funny saying to our lives, and we decide to not let our emotions run wild, but to control ourselves, and "keep calm & carry on."
Because really, what else can we do? This is all God asks of us. Just to stay calm, trust Him, hang in there, don't give up, let go of worry, take a deep breath, and hold fast.
I think all those phrases are synonymous with each other, and I think they are all healthy practices to adopt. I know my husband & I's faith is tested a lot, and we have to decide if we're going to believe all those nice things we are told about God, or if we're going to take matters into our own hands and thus show that we don't trust that God can take care of us.
We have chosen to trust, and although we have sometimes have a momentary lapse of resolve, we always remember to make a habit of letting go of fear, "what ifs?", and uncertainty. We know we are loved by the One whose "perfect love drives out fear" (1John 4:18)

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