Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Money Can't Buy Happiness, but It Sure Helps

We hope to someday be able to give money to church, non-profits, and other organizations that do good in the world. We've both always felt called to help change others' lives by giving money to organizations who will put it to good use to help those in need.

I think some "middle class" people take for granted how much money they actually have. They are able, for the most part, to eat out a couple times a week (or sometimes much more!), make some large purchases (like new tires for their car, for example), and have some saved money. Just the fact that they are able to have this is such a blessing!

So yes, I believe that my happiness in some part will improve when we have more money, because whether we like it or not, money makes the world go 'round, and if you're poor, you know this fact all too well.

We have learned a great deal, however, and we have seen God do some amazing things. We've literally seen money just appear in our bank account, and we didn't know how it got there! It was God providing in His mysterious, often unusual, way. And we now appreciate more fully the things we do have, and we know that it could always be worse. We are thankful for every day that we have food in our pantry, clothes on our backs, and gas in our tanks, even if we wish we could have more.

We've learned to budget our money and look for bargains, this has made us extremely fastidious and careful with our money, and we almost never buy anything full price. We are thankful for the little things, and we've realized, the little things are never that little. They are actually pretty big!

Again, God has been using the "little things" in my life to help me empathize with those less fortunate than us (they are many), to help me appreciate what I do have, and to enjoy life's simple pleasures, like His natural wonders, loving people He has put in my life, and the joy of unselfishly doing something kind for another human being.

So, on those days that I cannot leave the house because we cannot afford the gas for my car, I meditate on the simple fact that I still have so much to be thankful for, like my wonderful husband, compassionate family, loving friends, and my physical health. And more than anything else, I long to be able to help other people out of the soul-crushing poverty that entangles them. Perhaps someday, when all these financial tribulations are behind me, I'll be able to do just that.


  1. Have you considered getting a part time job to help ease your financial burden?

  2. Hi, Anna!
    Yes, I have considered it, and I did work for awhile after Eric & I got married. My jobs kept getting worse, and I was getting paid minimum wage. I was not bringing home enough money to make any difference in our budget, and it wasn't even enough to pay for gas for my commute to & from my job.
    When we move to Seattle (hopefully soon!), I have told Eric that I will work part-time if needed, but it will probably just be another minimum wage job. So we've decided that I won't work now, but maybe when we move.

  3. I thought of something else I should perhaps say, Anna, (and anyone else reading), that I have a few money-making endeavors that I occasionally partake in to make a little money. My mother started an organic & healthy dog treat business, at, and she pays me a few days a week to help her bake, organize, do computer work, and man a farmer's market booth with her.
    I write online for several different websites (such as this one and my other blog) that also make a little money. It is definitely not much at all, and it depends on readership and people clicking on ads (hint hint!), but it's a little something at least.
    And last but not least, my grandmother injured her knee last month and was laid up for several weeks, and she paid me to do housework and chores for her during this time.
    So I try to find some little things to do, to make a little money. And hopefully, this blog will take off and gain more readers. That's my hope, anyway!
    I just wanted to say this because I don't want anyone thinking that I'm lazy or not doing enough. I do in fact wonder if I am doing enough, and I sometimes feel guilty for not working outside the home. But I was also going crazy working all those horrible, low-paying jobs. I love writing and always have, so it would be great if my beloved hobby could make some money for a change! So we'll see! Thanks, Anna, and everyone, for reading!