Friday, June 10, 2011

Thunderstorms and Clean Bedsheets

Two things made me incredibly happy today: thunderstorms and clean bed sheets!
A storm front moved through our area today and brought 2 thunderstorms with high winds, adding a yellowy hue to everything. One thunderstorm started in late morning; the other a few hours later in the evening. My puppy Levi certainly did not want to venture outside in that weather, even though he desperately needed to go to the bathroom!
I have decided that I love thunderstorms. They exude this feeling of majesty, danger, unpredictableness, and anxiety, like the earth is expectantly waiting for the thunderstorm to hit. I find it all very exciting!
My pets apparently did as well, because Levi sat at the back door for quite some time, and even our two sleepy ferrets woke up and looked out their window at the storm.
As the wind and rain relentlessly pelted the house, I was reminded of the simple reassurance of being underneath the roof of our small house. Our basement may leak sometimes in heavy rains, but our old little house is sturdy and has withstood many storms in it's 50-odd years. In short, I was safe. Safe and sound inside my house, with my pets. It's something we take for granted sometimes, and perhaps it's okay that we do, but there are people in the world who do not have adequate shelter. So once again, I was reminded of life's 'little' blessings.
I also washed our bedsheets today, with an all-natural laundry detergent purchased from Sam's Club. I love the fact that the detergent has no harsh chemicals and it was affordable. And it smells fresh & citrusy, which is always a plus! I love taking the still-warm sheets from the dryer and holding them against my face and body. They radiate warmth, and the fresh smell permeates my nostrils, making me smile on the inside.
And our bed looks so amazingly refreshed when we put clean sheets on it! It's such a simple thing, but it changes the look of the bed so drastically that it's almost like we purchased new sheets. But we didn't.
It's such a sweet & wonderful thing to lay on freshly laundered bedsheets for the first time.

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